Collection: Goddess

The Goddess in me sees and honours the Goddess in you. 

All beings have Divine Feminine Energy and this collection is meant to celebrate the Goddess energy in each and every one of us. It is important to nurture your Divine Feminine Energy. You can do this by listening to your intuition, adorning yourself in things that bring joy, creating your own version of Herstory without fear and nurturing the Goddess relationships you have in your life. 

This scrunchie is made using Glossy Lycra, giving the illusion of silk with all the stretch and hold you know and love. We hope that when you reach for this scrunchie you remember that you are a Goddess who radiates beauty. Together we CAN.

$2 from every scrunchie sold will be donated to the SHORE Centre. A local organization that offers exceptional and inclusive sexual and reproductive health services in our community that uphold the dignity of everyone. To learn more about The SHORE Centre Visit