Crystals are available in a wide variety of shape, sizes and styles. Visit our categories to find the style that speaks to you!

A little bit more on crystal shapes

Bra Crystals- Small tumbled crystals that are smooth and can easily and comfortably be worn in your bra, pocket, or slipping into a handbag for the day.

Points or Towers- The point on the crystal directs the flow of energy and sends it in the direction that is it facing. 

Clusters- Clusters are crystals that have groups of many points. This type of crystal will radiate energy in all different directions and work well in the centre of a room. 

Wands- These crystals are smooth and curved in shape. These are great tools to direct energy to a direct area and are often used in massage. 

Spheres- This shape of crystal balances and harmonizes. 

Pyramid- Balances and gathers energy. 

When selective you shape just follow your intuition!