Free Crystals Guide

Hey Babe!

Are you interested in learning more about crystals? Don't quite know what they are, how to use them or where to even start? Keep reading! This users guide is for YOU! 


What are crystals?

Crystals are the bones of the earth. They are naturally forming minerals that have vibrations connected to your energy field. Crystals have the ability to influence your aura, as well as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Each crystal has specific healing properties. 



How do I select my crystals?

Always follow your intuition! If a certain crystal is speaking to you, then chances are you need that energy in your life!



How do I use my crystals?

Crystals are simple! You definitely do not need to have a deep understanding to be able to work with them. Using crystals is incredibly easy. You simply introduce your crystal to its new environment, and you will immediately begin to benefit from its vibrations and energy. They can be placed in your home to spark joy, or in specific spots to bring energy to the space. You can also carry a crystal in your pocket, handbag or bra, and they can be used during meditation to help set intentions. They are an excellent reminder to slow down, and they act as a reminder to ask yourself how you are doing in that specific moment.



Intentions? What's that? 

Crystals are a wonderful tool to use while setting intentions and manifesting your goals. To do so, simply hold your crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and centre your energy as much as you can (try not to have your kids climbing all over you during this process). Next, visualize yourself completing the goal, task or behaviour. Enjoy the feeling in your body. Imagine the energy in your body as a bright light, and that light is now filling up the stone. At this point you can repeat a mantra, intention or affirmation, such as, 'I am grateful', 'I am at peace', 'I am loved', 'I am strong'. 



What's the deal with colours and chakras?

The way the eye perceives light and colour is through vibrations. Like-coloured crystals will have a similar vibration frequency, and therefore similar healing properties. Different coloured crystals will also align with different chakras in the human energy system. Here is a brief guide to crystal and chakra colours.

Black - Root Chakra. It grounds and absorbs negative energy.

Red - Root Chakra. It grounds, warms, energizes and provides security.

Brown - Sacral Chakra. It grounds and balances as well as provides strength. Helps you connect to the natural world.

Orange - Sacral Chakra. Enhances creativity, aides in decision making and supports sexuality. 

Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra. Enhances self esteem, supports prosperity and abundance, and gives courage.

Green - Heart Chakra. Promotes health and wealth, allows for forgiveness and helps to foster kindness.

Pink - Heart Chakra. Promotes love, activates kindness and fosters forgiveness.

Blue - Throat Chakra. Aides in allowing you to speak your truth and express yourself. Calms criticism and promotes integrity. 

Purple - Third Eye Chakra. The chakra of reasoning, intuition and higher self. Promotes better sleep as well as emotional intelligence.  

White and Clear - Crown Chakra. Very high vibrating crystals. Promotes spirituality and enhances understanding of your higher self.

Multicoloured/ Rainbow - Excellent for aura cleansing and chakra balancing. 



I still have no clue what a chakra is though?

Chakras are energetic areas that connect your physical body to your spiritual higher self. These two parts of your being meet in the seven chakras highlighted above.



But there are so many shapes?! How do I pick?

Points or Towers - The point on the crystal directs the flow of energy and sends it in the direction that is it facing. 

Clusters - Clusters have groups of many points. This type of crystal will radiate energy in all different directions and works well in the centre of a room. 

Wands - These are smooth and curved in shape. They are great tools to direct energy to a specific area and are often used in massage. 

Spheres - This shape balances and harmonizes. 

Pyramid - Balances and gathers energy. 

When selecting a shape, follow your intuition!



Alright I think I'm getting this! So now what the heck is my aura?

Your aura is the energetic field that surrounds your physical body. It reflects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Two wonderful types of crystals to cleanse your aura are Selenite and Cactus Spirit Quartz. Selenite is one of the most cleansing crystals., Waving a Selenite wand through your energy field around your physical body is a great way to cleanse your aura. Also, Spirit Cactus Quartz, with its many small points, works very well to cleanse your aura. 



Now, I have heard that I have to cleanse them? What?! 

Before you use your new crystals, it is important that you cleanse them to restore them to their highest vibration. Upon first use, make sure that you give the stone a nice long cleanse, as you don't know who has touched the stone, or what energy your crystal may be holding. There are plenty of ways you can cleanse your crystals. Here are a few:

  • Leave the crystals in the light of a full moon, or in the sun, for 6+ hours.
  • Smoke cleanse by immersing the stone in the smoke of sage, lavender or a burning stick like palo santo or cedar. 
  • Using Selenite to cleanse crystals is a super easy way! Simply place your crystal on a Selenite charging plate, or in a Selenite charging bowl for a few hours. There is some conversation about whether or not Selenite itself needs to be cleansed, as it is a self cleansing crystal. However, I would say better safe than sorry! Add your Selenite to your monthly full moon cleanse to keep it vibrating at its optimum level.

Be sure to cleanse your crystals often, especially the crystals that you tend to use and work with daily. Personally, I like to cleanse all of my crystals with the cycle of the full moon, and the ones I tend to use more often I cleanse with sage smoke between full moon cycles.



Any others crystals maintenance?

Periodically you can dust and wipe your crystals. If a crystal chips, it has absorbed as much energy as possible and is no longer able to support you. Show your gratitude by burying it back into the earth, in a garden bed, or somewhere special.  



I hope you have enjoyed this crystals guide. Remember, crystals will come and go as we need them. As your collection grows, you may find that a crystal is no longer serving you, and you may be guided to pass it on to someone dear. You may also find some of your collection goes missing, and then magically turn up again. Crystals have a funny way of showing up when we need them most. Place trust in your crystals, love them and enjoy them. 

XO Laura