Caring for your D&J collection

Scrunchies and Face Masks

Wear daily. Feel free to wash but be sure to lay flat to dry! The use of a mesh garment bag is recommended for machine washing.


Knotted Headbands

Spot clean only.


Hair Scarves

Machine wash or hand wash cold, tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. 



Use daily. Cleanse crystals before first use. Use your intuition when selecting your new crystals. Place crystals around your home in areas that spark joy. Crystals can be worn in pockets or bras, slipped into handbags, strategically placed or just effortlessly scattered throughout your home and life. They are a stunning and meaningful gift to send and share love. Recharge and cleanse crystals often, especially the ones you use daily. 



Wear daily, charge and cleanse as you would any other crystal. Avoid getting your electroplated (metallic) beads wet as they are plated and not solid.


*visit our free crystals guide to learn more