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Dot & James

Rosewood and Quartz Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelet 8mm ROSE GOLD

Rosewood and Quartz Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelet 8mm ROSE GOLD

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This bracelet is made from a genuine Quartz stone and Rosewood 8mm beads with gold detailing. Quartz is the ultimate healer. A high vibration stone that contains every possible colour. It supporters and amplifies the energy of other crystals. Clear quartz helps to enhance your psychic abilities.  It absorbs negative energy and is an excellent all purpose stone to work with.

This bracelet can be worn as an essential oil diffuser. The natural wood will absorb the oil and give off a lovely scent for the rest of the day! Simply place a couple drops of essential oil on the natural wood beads and rub them around. The heat from your body will help the oils last all day!

Our wood bead collection comes from a family who make the beads themselves! Thank you for shopping small! <3

When slipping this bracelet on repeat this intention:

“Om shanti shanti shanti" A mantra that invokes peace.

Each bracelet order comes in a luxurious Dot & James bag embossed with dainty gold writing. Ready-to-gift.


Approximately 16-17cm around. Made in one size fits most.

Bracelets are hand strung on a double enforced stretch band.


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Care Guide

Wear daily, charge and cleanse as you would any other crystal. Avoid getting your electroplated (metallic) beads wet as they are plated and not solid.

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