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Dot & James

Tree Agate 6mm

Tree Agate 6mm

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Agate is a grounding stone that brings about emotional balance. It is a calming stone that builds self confidence. Agate heightens consciousness leading to spiritual growth.

Tree Agate connects you with nature and protects from the negativity in yourself or others. 

When slipping this bracelet on repeat this intention:

"Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung" Meaning Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity I am Infinite.

Each bracelet order comes in a luxurious Dot & James bag embossed with dainty gold writing. Ready-to-gift.


Approximately 16-17cm around. Made in one size fits most.

Bracelets are hand strung on a double enforced stretch band.


Free expedited shipping over $75.

Flat Rate $8 expedited shipping on all other orders.

Local pickup is always free.

Care Guide

Wear daily, charge and cleanse as you would any other crystal. Avoid getting your electroplated (metallic) beads wet as they are plated and not solid.

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